Since the earthquake that occurred in 1985, nothing has been the same in Mexico city. Some wounds never heal… From the buildings destroyed by the earthquake, the old ancestral fears reappear and disturb the tranquility of the citizens. Pablo and Luisa are trying to find a new home within this vast disaster area. Charmed by an old house, they are encouraged by Mr. Augustin, the property owner, to move in. However, it turns out that he is a disciple of Lucifer and that he is highly interested in the young woman, who falls in the throes of passion, because of her daily loneliness. But Julia devotes herself to a fantastic passion, in a place where physical beings consult alter egos, imaginary projections or ghosts with troubling behavior. A frightening journey through the catacombs of the desolate city begins for Luisa and her new lover.

WALTER DOEHNER PECANINS directed this ambiguous film, where reality constantly flirts with dreams. The Mexican cinema lived its golden age until the beginning of the 1960s and was mainly specialized in horror B-movies. This cinematography was highly popular, but its success was limited to the Hispanic audience. Directed in 1992, INTIMO TERROR (the original name of SECRET FEAR) competes with international productions and will completely captivate your attention with its subtlety and precision of staging. The city’s ruins speak for themselves and JUAN CARLOS MARTIN, the director of photography, perfectly managed to immortalize this silent message. This anthology of fear and pretense, adapted from a novel by ARMANDO CUSPINEDA, is interpreted by OFELIA MEDINA, ARTURO BERISTAIN and GUILLERMO ZARUR.

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