When German vlogger Julia visits her cousin Hannah in America, strange things start to happen. After falling ill, Hannah has a feeling that her cousin’s internet behavior could be the source of all evil ( not in a Christian conservative, ban all porn kind of way, but still evil ). She finds a gateway that opens towards the dark web, and from then on there is no turning back. After watching Selfie from Hell, the only thing you’ll be thinking of when making a duck face or a dab is: it’s just a selfie, it’s just a selfie, it’s just a selfie… Finally, the millennials have their own horror movie. This feature film is actually a follow-up to a two-minute short internet buzz by the same director, made in 2015. It got more than 25 million views and made director Erdal Ceylan a viral sensation. We were pleased to hear it got the feature film it deserved: the jump scares are all over the place and the atmosphere is right on the nose. After watching this movie, you can always go back to a Nokia 3310 if you don’t trust your smartphone anymore.

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