Dr. Harrisson Harrison, a young and talented geneticist, works on a revolutionary medical treatment which could shake up the modern conception of medicine and raise its creator to the rank of benefactor of the humanity. This magic formula allows nothing less than proceeding an organ transplantation without surgery (by stimulating the regeneration of cellular tissues). Harrisson’s mother is highly interested in her son’s experiments, but only from a financial point of view. As the outcome of these experiments are imminent, she and her lover (Dr. Vaughan, a well-known but untalented professor) do not take their eyes off their cash cow. For that, they did not hesitate to install security cameras in every corner of the laboratory. These two vultures are constantly staring at the monitoring screen and are ready to burst in the room as soon as the result of these long years of research is finally synthesized in a test tube.

Damon SANTOSTEFANO happily mixes horror and burlesque and offers us SEVERED TIES, his first feature, which is a relevant caricature of the contrasting relation between medical research (preferably altruist and disinterested) and the economic importance that the marketing of these outcomes represents nowadays. – The usurper professor is interpreted by Oliver REED (TOMMY, SPASMS, TRIPLE ECHO, TEN LITTLE INDIANS). Billy MORRISSETTE (PUMP UP THE VOLUME, BONNIE AND CLYDE: THE TRUE STORY) plays the genius of a family that is particularly unworthy to be called like that considering the guiltiness his own mother (Elke SOMMER), who combines every flaw of our contemporary society, makes him feel.

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