Forensic psychiatrist Ching has a special gift to help her solve her cases. She can penetrate her patients’ subconscious and find out what they keep hidden, even from themselves. Her newest case baffles the police. An exemplary social assistant has brutally murdered his own family and then tried to kill himself. He claims that voices inside his head forced him to commit this gruesome act. With the help of a tough cop who loves to go outside the book, she discovers that there are similar cases like this. But Ching finds herself under suspicion when she’s confronted with an unresolved trauma from her own past. Glenn Chan’s first feature is a breathtaking psychological thriller about the evil that hides within our subconscious and the terrifying consequences of what could happen if that evil is unleashed. Stylish cinematography, razor sharp acting from Stephy Tang (SOCCER KILLER, L STORM) and Philip Keung (SHOCKWAVE, CALL OF HEROES) and an intense and moving story make SHADOWS one of the most remarkable movies to come out of Hong Kong in recent years.

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