Christmas Eve, and it’s a complete mess for Nell. This year, she’s gone all out: the huge country house, a titanic buffet, brandy by the barrel, the best years dug up out of the wine cellar, and all the family, close friends and their little ones for a feast of epic proportions. The Wham and Mariah Carey records are already spinning test rounds and piggy banks have been robbed for truly exceptional gifts for a night that will be just as exceptional. Cause you see, it’s the last night on Earth. After decades of bickering and inaction about climate change, it’s game, set and match tonight at midnight. That’s when a humongous toxic cloud will cover the world. Luckily, the British government has offered a magic little pill for all its citizens, which means mass suicide after the last coffee… Our friends over at Offscreen already scheduled SILENT NIGHT as their closing film, but we’re so smitten with this movie that we wanted to share the gift and put it underneath our Christmas tree as well. What’s not to like? A theme that is as heavy as a Christmas turkey on your stomach, made digestible thanks to delightful British humor, a star-studded cast (Keira Knightley, Lili Rose-Depp and many others) and lots of moral questions. Get your Kleenexes ready cause this first feature by Camille Griffin can even make a stone in an emotional wasteland cry!

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