When they were still kids, Sissy (short for Cecilia) and Emma were inseparable. Nothing could break them apart. This was going to last forever! Until the day brash Alex sets foot on their playground… Sissy not only becomes her preferred punching ball for harsh jokes, she also steals Emma as BFF. Twelve years later, Sissy is a successful influencer, selling “namaste” and “peace on Earth” with a cute little flower filter to her millions of followers. And whaddayaknow, she bumps into Emma who she hasn’t seen in ages. After an exchange of slightly perfunctory cordialities, Emma invites her to her bachelorette party. Two days. In a cabin. Deep in the woods. As Sissy has made forgiveness and turning the other cheek into her lucrative trademark, she gladly accepts. Anyway, she’s got nothing but love and kindness to give to the world. Nothing could shake this newfound mantra, right? Well, let’s just wait and see until she finds out Alex will be there as well as the bridesmaid. For two days. In a cabin. Deep in the woods.

Take the basic blueprint of an upper-tier slasher or survival flicks, add a deliciously scathing critique of the search for virtual authenticity of countless millennials on the web that is as hollow as it is annoying. And the result? A bloody, cynical, disturbing and very original script that will twist all the usual codes and pitfalls of the genre.

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