1944, on the desolate plains of the Lapland tundra. As World War II slowly draws to a close, a gold digger stumbles upon a 24-karat bonanza that will change his life. As he makes his way back to civilization, a convoy of defeated sons of the Third Reich cross his path in the oppoWebsite direction. Rather than polite greetings, the fleeing Nazis get a glimpse of the loot, which they instantly decide to steal before killing him off. They’d wish. Because our gold digger here is no retired pen pusher on the way out. What our greedy Nazi’s don’t realize is that they are up against the most dreaded Finnish mercenary the world has ever seen. Legend has it that he single-handedly wiped out half the Russian army. With his eyes closed. With his bare hands. Tied behind his back. So, when you interrupt the career path of a man with a mission that even Death himself fears, his bloody retaliation will be directly proportional to his degree of anger… Do we still need to introduce the man behind RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE and BIG GAME? Jalmari Helander is finally back with a pure exploitation movie, as if Mad Max devoured a rabid moose and decided to wage an epic, single-person war against the Nazi’s on land, under water and in the air with pick-axes, tires, guns, hands and anti-personnel mines. Don’t go digging for underlying themes. There’s no time. There are Nazi’s to kill! And it’s so good that it won the Grand Prix at Sitges! Even Chuck Norris, who was at the screening, watched in complete awe…

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