Skin Walker

Oh, it seemed but yesterday when Sir Udo Kier (IRON SKY 1 & 2) was knighted in the Order of the Raven at the BIFFF, but we had to let him go… and here he is again in a mysterious forest in Luxembourg. He’s the patriarch watching over the family estate, but you won’t see him drinking coffee in a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug in the morning: his poor wife lost her mind when little Isaac died when she was giving birth to him, and Regine – their daughter – escaped to the city to get away from it all. But when granny dies Regine decided to return home for the first time to confront her past – and her daddy. She’s got her mother’s aptitude for psychological instability though… Sounds arthouse-y? You fools! Director Christian Neuman is playing a trick on you, letting the film slowly creep under your skin – pun intended – before exploding into a mish-mash of ELEPHANT MAN, Insane Clown Posse and the music video of Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy”, with a dash of Dario (Argento). We’re even treated to a hysterical performance à la subway-flippin’ Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION. That’s right, Neuman sure knows his classics and it’s the ideal fabric for this one-way ticket to madness. “Are you… crazy?”

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