C. C. Drood, a cartoonist and painter, reaches his flat door to find it forced: his mouth full of pizza prevents him from commensurate gasping with fear. He carefully slips into his flat: everything is upside down, but the foreign presence doesn’t seem to be there any more. Reassured but still choked up, he tries to swallow his last mouthful while bringing his paintings out of the shadows from a pile of different objects in the middle of his living room. But he was a bit too careless: someone gets out of the dark and knocks him out…
He wakes up in a limousine, grappled with two men who try to take an object from him, but he had never heard about this object before. They threaten him of the worst torture and Drood, whose self-control is definitely not his main skill, does not find anything better than throwing himself out of the car in the middle of the motorway!…
Starring Tom HULCE (Amadeus), Mary Elizabeth MASTRANTINO (The Color of Money) and Harry Dean STANTON (Paris, Texas).

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