It’s hard to find a more feared demon fighter than Zhong Kui. And it’ll be hard to surpass his latest achievement. He steals the Dark Crystal before the eyes of the king of the underworld and his legions and takes it to his home city of Hu for safekeeping. Every thousand years, for one week, the crystal creates passages between Heaven, Earth and Hell. But if something would go wrong, mankind will be doomed. The gods send Zhang Daoxian, who once was Zhong Kui’s mentor, to the city to keep an eye on things during this crucial week. But the king of the underworld does not plan to sit this one out. He sends his animal demons, disguised as a travelling troupe of female dancers, to Hu to steal back the crystal. Among them is the beautiful snow demon Little Snow. It quickly becomes apparent that she and Zhong kui have a shared past.

Zhong Kui is a bit like the Chinese Van Helsing, a cop with supernatural powers and strength and a very very long patrol route: Heaven, Earth and Hell. His image can be found all over houses and offices in China. It’s a bit of a surprise then that this is the first time Zhong Kui’s adventures have been adapted for the big screen. Luckily veteran Peter Pau (The Killers, The Bride With White Hair) was behind the camera, assisted by co-director Zhao Tianyu. Get ready for a fantastic action epic with a touch of doomed romance and with Chen Kun (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) and Li Bingbing (Transformers: Age of Extinction) as the demonic lovers.

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