It’s New Year’s Eve and while the Brussels’ city streets are teeming with drunken revelers, the paths of two solitary souls will cross. Max, a poor sod, is drowning his existential confusion in alcohol. Julie, a young woman, finds it impossible to reconcile herself with the bitter realities of her life. But on this festive night, they’ll try to put aside their personal mess and painful pasts. Unfortunately, that past remains hot on their heels. Max’s urgent money needs drove him to commit a robbery with a trio of idiots. Juliette missed a meeting with a bottle of sleeping pills and feels the urge to try again if she can’t find anything worth living. The clock is ticking away to midnight. Whatever happens, there will be fireworks!

This cinematic experiment was filmed together over the course of several years in the margins of the system. Solitaires demonstrates the urge to free yourself from the stranglehold of classic narrative structures, with improvisation being the true driving force to the story. This emotional rollercoaster ride comes courtesy of Benjamin Viré (Cannibal, Zone), who could count on the acting talents of Helena Coppejans (Je suis mort mais j’ai des amis) and Jean Collard (Cannibal).

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