With a title like “Some Kind of Hate”, you’d think of an extreme metal band’s new album blasting the ears of Lincoln, our main character. And you wouldn’t be that wrong. Because of his gothic look, his classmates mostly greet him like a punching bag more than as an actual person. This results in our hero stabbing one of his bullies with a fork and getting expelled. Lincoln is sent to a youth rehabilitation facility, one whose inhabitants make Biff Tannen look like a choir boy. Having no other choice than to retreat into the bathroom, Lincoln screams his lungs out for help so loud he could raise the dead… in which he succeeds. Moira, the ghost of another bully victim, comes to his aid and nothing would make her happier than to slit some throats.

A favorite among film festivals, this first feature from Adam Egypt Mortimer pushes the boundaries of US slasher movies rather than exploring the been-there-done-that theme of juvenile depression. A sexier Freddy Krueger with a new jacket and a utility knife will surely raise some hell.

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