Andrea, a brilliant young neurosurgeon, receives a dramatic phone call. Maria, one of her mentors, has committed suicide, leaving an important experiment unfinished. She was working on a way to transmit information between computers and the human brain during certain phases of sleep. Andrea decides to return to her old university on the island of Salerma to complete the project. Her team consists of Gabriel, a computer genius, also her ex-lover, and the eccentric sleep specialist Diego. When Andrea starts experimenting, numerous secrets come to light and she starts to experience disturbing episodes of insomnia. From Isidro Ortiz, director of our Silver Raven 2002, Fausto 5.0, comes a tantalizing sfi-fi thriller that explores our most private realm, our dreams. What if you could manipulate our unconscious desires, our knowledge and our memories. Trying to change a reality that we do not understand would be like playing God with unforeseen consequences. Starring Goya Toledo ( Love’s A Bitch, Forbidden Words, Stork Day ) as Andrea, Nancho Novo ( The Red Squirrel, The Flower of My Secret, The Lovers from the North Pole ) as Diego and Oscar Jaenada ( XXL, Truth Game, Blue Days ) as Gabriel.

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