Chile, the 19th century. Chiloé is a remote island where Chileans and German settlers lord it over the indigenous locals. Young Huilliche girl Rosa is the deeply devout housemaid of a German farmer family. When pater familias Stefan discovers that all his sheep have mysteriously died, he suspects the Huilliche and sets his dogs loose on Rosa’s dad. The beast tear him to pieces. She’s overcome with grief and desperately seeks help to set right this terrible injustice. But the local mayor does not want to help her. Animals can’t be arrested, right? And who does she think she is? Rosa is taken in by Mateo, a grumpy old man who also happened to be the head of a secret organization of native sorcerers. Rosa quickly ditches her catholic faith as she rediscovers the hidden powers of her people. If she can’t find justice, she will get revenge with magical means… Revenge is a dish b served with ancient magic in this Chilean-Mexican-German coproduction by writer-director Christopher Murray. SORCERY combines the vengeance quest of a young indigenous girl with insights in colonialism, mysticism, and indigenous traditions. It’s a well-crafted coming-of-age story in a unique setting, anchored by the solid performance of Valentina Véliz Caileo as Rosa. You’ll see witchcraft and anti-colonial resistance go hand in hand in this compelling magic realistic folk horror tale that made quite a splash at the recent Sundance film festival.

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