Viktor is a professional assassin in his mid-forties. This silent angel of death has always managed to carry out his work with ice cold precision. Now, he makes the biggest mistake possible in his line of work : he falls in love. First he spares the life of the mysterious Nina, as she is sleeping besides the body of his last victim. Then he saves her again when she tries to commit suicide. As the two lonely souls slowly begin to grow closer together, Viktor’s well ordered life starts to fall apart. Police profiler Lang is hot on his tail and Viktor doesn’t know if he can trust Nina enough to disclose his true identity to her. But he’s ready to risk everything for his love. One last kill, one last contract to fulfill and he’s free. But the noose around his neck is tightening by the minute. Young and promising German director Mennan Yapo has crafted an exciting, atmospheric thriller about a hitman falling in love. The emotions and thoughts of the two protagonists are intensely displayed by a great combination of camera-work and fine minimalist acting by Joachim Krol (When The Light Comes, Run Lola Run, The Princess and the Warrior) as Vikor and Nadja Uhl (The Legend of Rita, Twin Sisters) as Nina. Christian Berkel (The Serpent’s Egg, The Experiment) is Inspector Lang.

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