Spare Parts

Fuck yeah! In a godforsaken bar in Canada with walls reeking of urine and testosterone – possibly the HQ of the Manosphere – four riot girrrls (Emma, Amy, Jill and Cassy) rip the stage apart with their punk spirit. The name of their band? Ms. 45, a reference to Abel Ferrara’s cult film about a woman taking revenge not only on her rapists but on the entire male gender. A movie the guys in the room clearly didn’t see, otherwise they might’ve thought twice before harassing the lead singer… Their brutal ass-kicking certainly impresses an enthusiastic alpha-male. He lures the girls into a trap, sedates them and starts… customizing them. The four wake up Bruce Campbell-style, with an axe, drill or chainsaw attached to one arm! It’s as if Sushi Typhoon’s MACHINE GIRL gets a make-over with the staging props of MAD MAX in this debut feature by Andrew Thomas Hunt. The half-woman half-machine gladiators have to fight for their lives in an arena made of junkyard car-nage, while a crowd cheers them on and craves for kill kill kills! The Emperor, some kind of local perverted Caesar, decides whether they live or die… But he clearly hasn’t seen MS. 45!

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