Sigh. We’d also rather have spent our summer sipping red wine on the idyllic, sun-drenched hills of Tuscany like Bjørn – a Dane, but you probably already guessed that – and his cute lil’ family, instead of mechanically churning out texts but alas, it was not to be… On second thought, that was maybe for the better, as you never know whom you run into. An excessively jovial Dutch family for example who wants to get all chummy with you. Nothing wrong with a few cozy evenings spent chattering, before heading back to Denmark solemnly promising to call one another, only to dig up your holiday pictures a couple years later thinking “what’s that guy’s name again?”. Except these Dutchies are not the kind to let a budding friendship go to waste and a mere two weeks later they already invite the Danes to come over to their home in Holland for the weekend. They agree, out of politeness but partly also to temporarily forget about their relationship stuck in a rut. And hey, their daughter Agnes seems to have taken a liking to Abel, the son of the Dutch couple, despite his inability to talk due to a tongue disease. Seriously, how bad could the weekend get? Turns out, pretty seriously bad…
We don’t want to unravel too much, but know that you will come out of this completely broken and ravaged. Especially parents, whose little hearts will get the full TEMPLE OF DOOM treatment. Christian Tafdrup (PARENTS, A HORRIBLE WOMAN) shows himself to be a gifted director of domestic horror and a true virtuoso at navigating straight through the heart of darkness.

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