If you need to deliver an urgent package, you’ve got the postal office. If you need to run an urgent errand, you’ve got cabs. But what if you have to run an urgent errand with a not-so-legal package that potentially puts your life at risk? That might turn out to be difficult. Luckily, there’s a phone number for these kind of “special deliveries” that goes around in the criminal underground. It’s the number of Baek’s junkyard, where a North-Korean escapee who goes by the name Eun-ha works miracles behind the wheel. Every night a new job. But tonight, things go awry from the get-go. Her client, a former baseball player who stole loads of money from the local mafia, is gunned down before her eyes. The son of the dead guy is sitting on the backseat with next to him a bag containing the access codes to the gangster’s money. But there’s also good news for our gas guzzler. They haven’t yet introduced the 20 miles per hour limit in Korea… Can’t get enough of Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER? Always wanted to have subwoofers in your trunk so that you can have wild, über-stylized car chases like your big hero, Vin Diesel – King Car himself – in THE FAST & THE FURIOUS? Then brace yourself for this high-voltage thriller in which each shot burns up more fuel than a return trip Brussels-Amsterdam and in which So-dam Park’s foot (PARASITE) never leaves the gas pedal!

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