Henry Pinkle wants to be loved, important and to have relationships. But the fate decided differently and his only escape that comforts him is his favorite TV show: “The Robertson Family”. He breaks down and decides to kill himself when he learns that the show is going to be canceled. He records his motives on a videotape and sends it to his only friend, Wendy. But at the very moment he decides to end it all, he is saved by a man, Sam Bones, a show business bigwig that promises him a career in the media. Henry then leads Wendy in this « enchanted » universe. But when people around her start to vanish, she feels more and more alone and misunderstood. Although the clues accumulate, indicating that she and Henry are heading toward a dreadful destiny, Henry stubbornly refuses to see things objectively.

Alexander CASSINI’s first film is an expedition into a world where reality is defined and determined by the media. This is a topic that he knows particularly well, and which fictional approach does not take away the accuracy of the topic. The director wrote the screenplay and also produced STAR TIME. He chose Michael St. GERARD (HAIRSPRAY), John P. RYAN (THE COTTON CLUB, THE RIGHT STUFF) and Maureen TEEFY (FAME, GREASE II) to play in his film. Welcome to the other side of the screen.

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