In Maps To The Stars Cronenberg painted a picture of Hollywood on the edge of the abyss. We saw the destructive way in which stars dealt with the world around them. In Starry Eyes, directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer show us the reverse side of the medal. Sarah is a naive aspiring actress who hopes to make it big in Tinseltown without any horizontal casting sessions with producers. After one failed audition too many, something breaks in Sarah. And her meltdown provides the key to success. Actors with a screw loose go far in Hollywood, but Sarah takes another path to onscreen glory, one that is littered with corpses.

This remarkable project got off the ground thanks to the Kickstarter platform; an online site where you can invest in games, music and movies. A clever promo campaign and a tight pitch provided Starry Eyes with the necessary funding and the end result is creating quite a stir on the festival circuit. Most of us are not prepared to go all the way to make it, but Sarah does. And it’ll make you shiver and shake.

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