Cal McAffrey is a journalist with rather special methods. When he’s got an article to write, he doesn’t just look up the stuff for a few hours on the net or send a quick mail to some press attaché. He’s the kind of guy who gets his ass out on the street to investigate. The problem with being on the street though, is that you end up making friends. In this case Stephen Collins, the rising star of American politics with a solid reputation of integrity. So when one of his investigations on the murder of a Congress researcher turns out to put a slur on Collins and reveals a major political and financial imbroglio, Cal ends up wishing he was like all his fellow journalists and had only one best friend : Google. If you happen to be a fan of television series, you’ve probably heard the title of Kevin Macdonald’s new film before ( we also owe the brilliant Last King of Scotland to him). Indeed, this feature is based on one of the BBC’s best mini-series in recent years. Sure, on the big screen there’s less room for character depth, but the remake manages to keep all of the intensity which made the original plot such a hit. Macdonald acknowledges his film is a tribute to political thrillers from the seventies, such as Three Days of the Condor and All the President’s Men. Add a star-studded cast ( Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren, … ) and Macdonald has got himself a winning recipe to play with the big boys.

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