A disciple of Satan offers to a couple in lack of thrills to enter a parallel world: the cursed universe of Hellvision, the 666th channel, which has the bad habit of literally swallowing some of its spectators. For this depressed salesman and his better half (what a surprise!), this is the perfect occasion to cheer up a bit, but as expected, the deal is not heavenly negotiated, and our two lovebirds understand their mistake after signing the pact. From now on, they only have 24 hours to escape from this 4th cathodic dimension, or else their soul will definitely belong to the Devil…

Sometimes brilliant (OUTLAND, 2010), sometimes more conformist (PRESIDIO, RUNNING SCARED), Peter HYAMS challenges himself with STAY TUNED, a biting satire of television and the evil consequences of its massive consumption. This is indeed the first experience of the director in this genre (he was also in charge of the photography). Everything, from the commercials to the media hype, including the abundance of US channels, has been put through the mill in a complete madness of hilarious images and funny situations. And let’s not forget the incorporation of cartoons, drawn by Chuck JONES, BUGS BUNNY’s father. Following the success of SOAPDISH and, among others, ACCIDENTAL HERO, STAY TUNED is worth watching. And it is less dangerous than to participate in it!

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