Timothée, a filmmaker with the ego of Spielberg and the talent of Tommy Wiseau, is currently shooting his update of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE on a budget of three bags of Lays chips. But before wrapping up yet another great scene, a man walks into the image and spoils the whole shot. That man is Stéphane, a magnificent schmuck with a big mouth, who proclaims himself the best stuntman of French cinema with an impressive list of French stars that came wining and dining at his place. Wouldn’t Timothée, as a young upcoming talent, like to come to his place as well? After all, he offers to get Timothée’s ambitious war picture made with a couple of his friends at his huge villa that is only accessible by boat. He clearly seems to be a nutcase that is talking out of his ass, but he looks pretty harmless. Besides, he might just be the ideal subject for a documentary. Unfortunately, what Timothée doesn’t know is that nutcases at the BIFFF rarely turn out to be harmless… You never know quad is coming next (no no, that’s no typo) in this insane little game of pushing one’s limits of what is tolerable just a little further each time… until you’ve reached the point of no return. French cult comic Monsieur Poulpe took directors Pastor and Hochet under his wings: his signature humor, of the absurd and biting kind, is all over this crossing between a found footage and a mockumentary.

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