Tom, a sad-eyed loser, has hit rock bottom. In one day, he lost his job, got kicked out of his apartment and got brushed off by social services. Now he has to spend the night in the park. But the police chases him away. Brandi, a dedicated retirement-home caregiver who devotes far too much of her free time to partying, drinking and drugs, is on her way home. Tom winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time when he crosses the street just as Brandi puts pedal to the metal. She’s understandably upset when Tom’s broken body flies through her windshield. Still, she has sufficient presence of mind to drive home and stow her car in her garage. If she doesn‘t want to lose her job, she has to get rid of the body. But there’s a complication. Tom is still alive. And the longer he remains stuck in the windshield, the more time he has to gather strength for the slow and painful process of escape. Inspired by a real-life incident, Stuck is ingeniously nasty and often shockingly funny, as it incrementally worsens a very bad situation. Coming from Bifff favorite Stuart Gordon ( Re-Animator, From Beyond, Space Truckers ), this darkly comical farce includes lots of quease-inducing scenes of bloody mayhem and suffering, but is more unsettling and hilarious when the violence is emotional, as Brandi gradually reveals the full measure of her psychopathic selfishness. With pitch-perfect performances by Mena Suvari ( American Beauty, American Pie ) as Brandi and Stephen Rea ( The Crying Game, Citizen X, V For Vendetta ) as Tom, Stuck is a brilliant, sardonic piece of reality horror.

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