Damn! It’s been almost 30 years since the Foo Fighters first unleashed their fiendish riffs on stadiums all over the world! Fifteen Grammy Awards on their mantelpiece and 9 albums that have sold millions of copies… Pretty cool, huh? Except the band has a cruel case of writer’s block. And the bigshots from their record label are putting the heat on them to deliver a tenth album. Lead-singer Dave Grohl decides to take the band to an old mansion to find inspiration and get their mojo back. The place sure doesn’t lack atmosphere. But this little field trip gets horribly out of hand when Dave stumbles on the remains of a sacrificed raccoon in the basement. And he really shouldn’t have touched the age-old interior, cause Dave is now possessed by a demonic spirit that will boost his creativity to write the most epic of satanic songs! You’re a fan of the Foo Fighters and horror flicks? Then you don’t need convincing. You’re on new territory? Welcome then for one of this year’s craziest movies. This is THE SHINING with a Rock ‘N’ Roll twist, a deliciously punk sense of humor and cameo’s and references to classics galore. With a score by John Carpenter himself and directed by BJ “HATCHED III” McDonnell, STUDIO 666 will make you reach cinematic nirvana…

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