Like every year, when spring’s in the air, Madam Perch organizes a grand garden party on her domain. She’s the heir to a family fortune acquired in the pharmaceutical industry. She prides herself most on her garden, which rivals that one in Versailles. Woo the creature that dares to disturb the beauty and quiet of her green paradise. And this year the wasps dare to intrude on the party. Madam Perch spares no means to destroy the intruders, spraying them with state of the art chemicals. But there’s a nasty sting to the product. It produces quite the opposite effect. The wasps not only survive, they return meaner… and a whole lot bigger. We’re talking from 3 meagre centimeters to three full meters! Madam Perch’s garden party is certainly going to be a big hit this year.

After sheep, snakes and spiders, it’s now finally our friends the wasps who’ll prominently figure in your favorite monster movie nightmares. German director Benny Diez has adapted his famous eponymous short into a fully-fledged long feature. It’s a true homage to VHS-cult classics such as Tremors and Critters in a movie that is very generous with gore and humor. In the leads we find Lance Henriksen and Clifton Collins Jr (Pacific Rim).

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