SUSPENSION by Jeffery Scott Lando

A masked dominatrix is getting ready to torture a caged serial killer, while her accomplice films everything to stream it on the internet. But the maniac manages to escape and impales her on a hook in the wall. To be continued… on a blank, white page. With this extreme comic-strip, Emily, the school’s outcast, draws away her frustrations. Her father was a serial killer, responsible for the death of her brother, and it was Emily who put him behind bars. And her classmates, of course, do everything in their bullying power to make sure Emily will never forget it. When her only friend betrays her so that she can go to a party with the popular boys and girls, Emily withdraws ever further into the pages of her comic-strip. In the meantime, people are getting chopped into bits for real. Is Emily’s father planning a family reunion or is the transgressive violence of her comic finding a way into the real world?

Scripwriter Kevin Mosley and director Jeffrey Scott Lando have been working together since Savage Island (Bifff 2004). This has led to gems such as Insecticidal, Decoys 2, Goblin, Haunted High and Roboshark. The duo clearly has an unconditional love for genre cinema and in Suspension they take their passion to a higher level. Call it a classy slasher or a slasher with a difference, it’s clear that this film is a well thought out and refreshing addition to a genre that is always in danger of succumbing to its own conventions and clichés.

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