Having to let go of a good friend who wants to make it big in the gay porn industry, it can happen to you! And it’s what happens to Dom. He and Benjamin have been best buds since kindergarten but Benjamin, being the hot piece of ass that he is, is moving to LA to aim for the (porn) stars. Don’t worry, you didn’t accidentally stumble upon the brochure of the Brussels Porn Film Festival and the swallowing hinted at has little to do with jizz. No, you see, Don is just a stand-up guy who doesn’t like to see a friend bugger off to the big city empty-handed. So he takes him along for a small errand job his cousin set him up with. The nature of the job? Smuggling some obscure, highly sought-after drug across the Canadian border… by swallowing it in small, carefully contained doses. All goes according to plan until Dom pulls over for a pee-pee stop and gets punched in the gut by a redneck, that same gut that contains the drugs. Agony ensues, as he can no longer feel his legs while his dick gets hard like a rock without ever deflating. And that’s only the beginning of his troubles… A haunting piece of queer body horror that’ll sink its teeth in and under your skin and will not let you go for several days after. Starring studs Cooper Koch and Jose Colon, Jena Malone (THE NEON DEMON, DONNIE DARKO) as a tough-as-nails drug dealer and Mark Patton (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2) as a tougher-as-nails druglord, with awesome FX by Dan Martin (POSSESSOR, COLOR OUT OF SPACE).

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