Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have been constructing a fascinating, Lovecraftian body of work for a while now: RESOLUTION, SPRING, THE ENDLESS and here we have the latest chapter. Dennis and Steve are two paramedics in New Orleans. Recently they’ve been encountering strange cases of junkies pierced by ancient conquistador weaponry, women bit by snakes that haven’t been around for ages and cases of spontaneous combustion in the midst of fun fares. Oh well, that’s for the police to find out and worry about. Until Brianne, the daughter of Dennis, mysteriously disappears after taking ‘Synchonic’, the new drug in town… One of these babies will make you travel through time and space. And we thought the drug of THE WAVE (BIFFF 2020) was weird! The problem is, you won’t know in which century you’ll end up and even less if you’ll make it back alive… Luckily (that’s debatable) Steve just got diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, so he’s got nothing left to lose. He purchases the last couple o’ pills, pops ‘m, wait for them to kick in and starts to hop across the centuries in order to find Brianne. Ready for the 4th dimension? Richard Linklater and Guillermo del Toro are already fans, so what are you waiting for?

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