Ever heard of those imperial buses where the second floor is totally open? Well, in Japan there is this evil wind whose only purpose is to slice up a school bus filled with girls. And if someone can thank her guardian angel it’s Mitsuko. As she bent over to pick up her pen, the deadly breeze decided to detach her classmate’s upper bodies. Fleeing towards the nearest forest while it’s raining human torsos, Mitsuko ends up at a school where she doesn’t recognize anyone but her best friend Aki. Fortunately, she’s still in one piece. Is she having a nightmare? Was her Bento box poisoned? Mitsuko doesn’t have the time to get her head straight, as more people are losing theirs when two teachers decide to deal with their burn out with some good old fashioned school shooting. The best plan would be to leave this hellhole, but the wind keeps blowing outside…

With an already spectacular entrance, the new film by Sion Sono raises the bar very high only to come down when the credits roll. The newest feature from this Japanese Stakhanov (with 5 movies in 2015), an adaptation of Yusuke Yamada’s novel, is closer to Tokyo Tribe than to Love Exposure. The result is gritty, poetic, bloody and, strangely enough, filled with hope!

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