One Snowy Night : A plane crashes on a rugged, snow-capped mountain. There are only five survivors, but they’ll freeze to death unless they can make a break to the safety of a nearby mountain hut. But this means that they’ll have to abandon one of them, who’s trapped within the wreckage. Samurai Cellular : Samurai Oshi would rather not carry out his sacred duty of taking revenge for the killing of his lord and master. He’d rather stay and play with Karu, his beautiful and seductive mistress. While coming to terms with his own cowardice, Oishi sees a strange, silvery object falling from the sky : a mobile phone ! Chess : Akira, an ex-world champion chess player has been summoned to a game by an aging billionaire. But this chess game is for real and the pieces are intent on killing each other. The Marriage Simulator : Imagine if you could download all the data of a couple engaged to be wed into a computer; psychological profile, background, upbringing, DNA,… Then push on a button and see what will happen after they’ve tied the knot. For more than ten years Tales of the Unusual, the Japanese equivalent of The Twilight Zone, has been the highest rated show on Japanese television. This long feature film gathers four episodes of pure horror, romance, humour and science-fiction that were too expensive and too daring to be shown on the small screen.

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