Two years ago, to the day, Mia’s mother passed away. A horrible date for the teenager, who desperately needs to clear her head. For example, by doing something crazy. And hey, whaddayaknow, there’s an epic party coming up featuring not only enough booze to sedate a herd of buffaloes, but also a rather extraordinary object in the form of an embalmed ceramic hand… A new inclusive and collective sex toy? Guess again! It seems the hand is question is possessed and with just one simple instruction to liven up your evenings with friends. All you have to do is hold the hand and say “talk to me” and a spirit will appear before you, which will then take possession of your body. If that isn’t the stuff that makes for rad videos to go viral, we don’t know what is. But, be careful not to exceed 90 seconds of possession, otherwise the evening may take a turn for the worse. And of course, it will take a turn for the worse! As soon as the prologue turns your hair white, you’ll understand that TALK TO ME is not here to stand timidly in a corner of our 2023 program. The first feature of the Philippou brothers, aka RackaRacka (7 million followers on YouTube), quickly became the gore sensation at the Sundance festival this year; considered as the TikTok version of THE EXORCIST and praised by all cinephile cardiologists!

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