When Dr Frank Holt loses his second patient as a result of a wrong treatment, he is at a loss for words. Nonetheless he is confident that he hasn’t made a professional error. Incidentally, that would just be impossible: the hospital is equipped with a super sophisticated central computer that infallibly surveys each move of the medical staff. Frank Holt realises that his reputation, bust most of all his confidence is at stake en starts an investigating the situation. He wants to get his hands on the medical file of his last patient at all costs, but something or someone is persistently trying to keep him from reading it.
This fascinating science fiction film is extraordinarily believable. Lead actor Joe Spano makes a stunning film debut as Frank Holt and is surrounded by Diane Venora (Wolfen, Manhatten), David McCallum (The Man From U.N.C.L.E) and the promising Robert Joy (Ticket to Heaven).

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