Imagine for a moment: you are peacefully asleep, your wife quietly gets up to do what she has to do on the toilet and, suddenly, you hear a thunderous pounding on the other side of the wall. Furious at your neighbour for hammering at three in the morning, you knock at his door, determined to make him swallow his toolbox, but he doesn’t answer. Back home, you notice that these sounds actually come from your own bathroom. And when you finally open the door, you discover your wife, turned into a bloody pinball and eating all the tiles in the room… Imagine now that your entire neighborhood has become a giant paranormal freak show and all your neighbours are subjected to the worst of the worst regarding unexplained phenomena. Even the cops dare not set foot. Only a couple of special investigators decide to lock themselves in to study the phenomena. What they discover is really terrifying…

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail sent to James Wan with regard to Terrified: “Hi James, we know you’re quite busy with Aquaman and we don’t want to be demoralizing but… there is a certain Demian Rugna who’s just finished a film that makes yours look like a seventies BBC production. Furthermore, it has jump scares like the turns of an endless roller coaster!” With Terrified, Argentina has just found its maestro of horror…

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