Those films that had us glued to our seats and made our hairs stand up straight, those master pieces that played on our deepest fears, were made by artists who made frightening people their life goal. They take some kind of devilish pleasure in seeing someone break out in a cold sweat.
Terror in the Ailes is an anthology of the best scenes of great horror- and suspense films. Terror in the Ailes invites the viewer to take a look behind the scenes and into the sinister magician’s bag of vicious diabolic artists who usually don’t give up their many tricks. It’s two famous characters (they will undoubtedly frighten you again) in the world of fantastic who talk al the film fragments together with humour and charm: Donald Pleasance (Halloween, Dracula, The Monster Club) and Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill). U will of course recognise a dozen of other actors: Michael Caine, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Nicholson, Laurence Olivier, Sissy Spacek…

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