Have you ever truly regretted something you did? Dave, a cop who tries to walk the straight and narrow, has done something that haunts him. His blood saved the life of an incredibly dangerous criminal on the brink of death. And just like in Naoki Urusawa’s cult manga Monster, this act of kindness has big consequences for Dave and for Hon, the criminal. Hon does not use the second life he’s been granted to help blind people cross the street, but to cause further chaos and death in the city. Dave has to make a difficult choice. His dark past resurfaces. Will he take justice in his own hands or will he put his faith in the authorities?

As That Demon Within is a Dante Lam film, you already know the choice our hero will make. Lam first worked as an assistant for John Woo and was responsible for many high octane action choreographies. He soon rose in the ranks of Hong Kong’s finest action directors, churning out one hit after another. That Demon Within is a continuation of his successes from the past, such as Unbeatable, The Stool Pigeon and Beast Stalker.

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