Who doesn’t know this cult movie? This unique and morbidly funny family that have pledged an alliance to the dark forces? Morticia, Gomez and their offspring, Wednesday and Puglsey, are quietly living in their macabre mansion when Ully Aldford and Abigael Craven send her adopted son to their home, posing as Uncle Fester, Gomez’s older brother. Their goal? To get their hands on the crypt’s treasure… Unless you’re a Mormon and/or have been stuck under a rock these past thirty years, you already know and have seen this mythical film countless times! Despite a chaotic pre-production, huge budget overruns and a lot of drop-outs in cast and crew, THE ADDAMS FAMILY reached the top of the American box-office (beating Spielberg’s HOOK, by the way) before entering the pantheon of immortal cult films. Served by an all-star cast (Anjelica Huston! Christina Ricci! And our very own Christopher Lloyd!), Barry Sonnenfeld’s debut film features the most famous finger snap in movie history. And to top it all off, you can enjoy the screening in the presence of the director! The Hand may or may not be attending as well, if his tight schedule allows it (commercials for hand lotion have gone through the roof these past few years).

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