In the streets of New York, Josh (Eric Roberts) meets an attractive young woman (Janine Turner) and immediately falls in love with her. With clumsiness, but also with a lot of charm and humor, he manages to make her smile. While he forces his attention on her, the young woman faints. She tells him that she is diabetic, and her name is Cheryl. Surrounded by bystanders, Josh takes care of her while a siren rings in the distance and approaches rapidly. An ambulance stops on the sidewalk, two stretcher-bearers with sinister faces get out of it, place Cheryl on a stretcher and say they bring her to St-Francis Hospital. That day in the afternoon, Josh, who is a comic book artist, leaves his job earlier to visit the young woman, but no one with the name of Cheryl or her description has been admitted to the hospital.

The film was directed by Larry Cohen, the undisputed master of the thriller (BLACK CAESAR or HELL UP IN HARLEM) and fantastic genres (IT’S ALIVE or GOD TOLD ME TO, which made him twice winner of the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival as well as the winner of the Main Price of the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival). Just like his previous films, Larry Cohen wrote the scenario. He thought of AMBULANCE after eating spoiled fish in a restaurant, which caused him to be admitted at the hospital. “I intended to make a film about poisonous fishes, but the ambulance seemed more frightening to me.” Josh is brilliantly interpreted by Eric Roberts (RAGGEDY MAN, STAR 80, RUNAWAY TRAIN), and James Earl Jones (Darth Vader in STAR WARS and the Sergeant Major in GARDENS OF STONE) plays the lieutenant Spencer. After watching AMBULANCE by Larry Cohen, you will never look at these vehicles the same way again!

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