The Beast

The Beast, the debut feature of Jung-ho Lee, is the stunning remake of Olivier Marchal’s 36th precinct, entirely adapted to the Asian cultural setting and with the visual flair, thematic depth and cutthroat tension that has become the trademark of Korean thrillers. After a series of brutal murders on young women, the Incheon police department is put under great pressure by the public, the media and the authorities to find the killer. Exceptionally Unit 1 and Unit 2 have to work together on this case. But there’s a promotion in the air and by-the-book Inspector Han and corrupt inspector Jeong declare war and let their teams work against each other. Their rivalry escalates to the point that Han starts breaking rules, while Jeong’s close ties to the underworld force him to cross so many red lines that his career and his life are at risk. In the meantime, the killer remains on the loose and starts to take advantage of the discord within the police.

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