In another world, on an Earth dominated by witchcraft and the sound of weapons, the war is raging. Arklon, the heinous tyrant, decided to conquer a whole continent. His armies destroy everything on their way, slaughtering everyone who dares defy their master. Arklon uses black magic to enforce his will to his people, and the threatening shadow of his domination is spreading ever further. But in the heart of darkness, light emerges: the light of Dar the Beastmaster. This legendary warrior, always followed by a tiger, an eagle and two mongooses with which he can communicate through telepathy, joins the rebels that fight against the evil forces. Realizing that his power might be threatened, Arklon demands the help of the witch Lyranna, who opens a portal through space-time that sends the tyrant to the year 1992 in Los Angeles. He discovers in the city a terrifying weapon in a military laboratory: a powerful bomb capable of wiping a whole city. Arklon will be able to definitely destroy the rebellion with it.

Since its creation 10 years ago, THE BEASTMASTER has become a cult film and one of the biggest successes of heroic fantasy, as well as CONAN THE BARBARIAN. BEASTMASTER II, directed by Sylvio TABET, producer of the first film, is already promised to a similar success. However, the general tone is significantly different. It is approached in a less dramatic way, leaving a wider space to comedy and fantastic. The success of the first film made it impossible to change Dar’s appearance: he is therefore still played by the impressive Marc SINGER, the hero of the TV series “V”. His enemy brother Arklon is played by the outstanding Wings HAUSER (UNCOMMON VALOR) and the witch Lyranna is interpreted by Sarah DOUGLAS (SUPERMAN I, II and THE RETURN OF THE SWAMP THING).

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