Niels is overjoyed when he hears about the black hole that will
drastically reduce his prison sentence. He’s been chosen for his talents
as a mechanic to take part in a special mission: escorting a band of
eccentric scientists in a spaceship to a black hole that is fifty light
years away from Earth. The deal seems more than correct to him
as the mission will only take six weeks for them to see Earth again.
There’s only one small annoying detail. Those six weeks in hyperspace
represent some hundred years on Earth. And that is if everything
will go as planned.
Despite some famous ambassadors (Jules Verne, Jean-Pierre Jeunet…),
it has always been difficult for French science-fiction to find
its way to the big screen. But Nicolas Bazz couldn’t care less about
that. With a budget of a mere 1 million €, he succeeds in transforming
Interstellar into a primary school essay. He juggles with the theory of
relativity and quantum mechanics until our synapses melt! Even better:
the film was written by some enthusiasts of physics for dummies.
The Big Everything is an adventure wherein everything is questioned!
We couldn’t ask for more.

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