The Blackout

No meteorite hit the Earth, no dangerous terrorist attack occured, no nuclear war erupted. And yet shit hit the fan anyway… Oleg clearly remembers. He was in a restaurant when the blackout happened. Suddenly the fuses of the world simply blew, except in what would later be known as the “circle of life” formed around Moscow, a part of Belarusia, Ukraine and Finland, which still has electricity. And when military forces go check on the fuse box outside of the safe zone, all they discover are mass graves and desolation as far as the eye can see… 24 days later, barricades are put up around the perimeter. An alarm goes off at one of the outposts. The soldiers are already used to it. Last time, a group of starving grizzlies – no longer with Putin on their back – were ready to attack. But this time it’s something else and it clearly isn’t human… THE BLACKOUT, originally created as a series, has all the ingredients for those who love their movies to be big: one twist after another, a story of a frightening global pandemic (well, well, where have we heard that before?) and – involuntarily or not – a renewed warning against our selfish actions against our agonizing planet. And of course: a huge visual spectacle that can comfortably sit next to the megalomaniac pyrotechnics of Michael Bay!

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