Alice and John are a young married couple struggling to make ends meet. When a magical artefact from the past suddenly provides an answer to their troubles, they must face the question of how far they want to go to strike it rich and if the cost of wealth is worth it. The magic teapot has the power to bestow riches upon Alice and John, but only in exchange for physical pain and injury. We see the couple’s relationship change and strain under the pressure of their discovery. At the same time, we trace the origins of this mysterious, destructive object, that has left a centuries long trail of misery in its wake. Ramaa Mosley’s The Brass Teapot is in essence a contemporary grim fairy tale, but with a dark twist. Adapted from a short story by Tim Macy, that already inspired Mosley’s short feature from 2007, The Brass Teapot presents a singular critic of prevailing consumerism. Headlining this cautionary tale are rising stars Juno Temple ( Kaboom, The Dark Knight Rises, Killer Joe ) and Michael Angarano ( Red State, Haywire, Sky High ).

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