Just like a pretty picture postcard of Canada; the Porcupine River is lined with century-old fir trees, caribous are quietly grazing in the background, there’s syrup, maple trees and wooden cabins. A bucolic place if there ever was one, perfect for a family picnic watching the river flow by. Until a canoe, at first glance empty, washes up on the shore… Inside, it’s a less idyllic sight: a rotting human boneless mess, flies feasting on it like it’s Christmas. It sure is creepy, but above all it means trouble for Chief Hawkins, who is preparing for a transfer to the big city. Pretty soon they suspect the putrid pile of flesh and bones belongs to Dr. Cole Parsons, a physicist who went missing and was last seen in an isolated cabin he was renting. A very, very isolated cabin, ideally suited for some rather unorthodox research… Hawkins decides to put on his hiking boots for a routine check-up, but once arrived at the spot it’s neither routine, nor check-up. What he’s about to discover is simply unimaginable…
As the founder of the webzine Rue Morgue, growing up with all the 80’s VHS classics, Rodrigo Gudino is the perfect man to bring together all the ingredients for the ideal horror movie. His adaption of a Nick Cutter novel includes a haunted house, vintage body horror, scaaaaary mystery in a deliciously Lovecraftian atmosphere, topped off with a soundtrack by Slash!

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