THE BRIDE by Lingo Hsieh

Seeing your future wife wearing her wedding dress can be one of the most beautiful moments in your life. Cheng-Ho is one of those guys waiting for that moment. As a successful TV-producer with a stunning fiancé, he can’t complain. But ever since he picked up a red envelope in the park, he’s getting weird dreams about previous incarnations. He decides to consult a psychic, but to no avail. With his marriage ahead, he decides to fight these demons, the kind you don’t want to see in a wedding gown.

The Bride was produced by Takashige Ichise (the guy who introduced us to scary black haired little girls crawling out of a TV), who claims to have given special attention to Taiwan’s local horror heritage. The Bride, directed by Lingo Hsieh and starring Chris Wu &Nikki Hsieh, definitely gives us plenty of reasons to be scared!

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