Modern city girl Nastya is madly in love with her handsome Ivan. A marriage only seems to be the next logical step in their fairytale. But Nastya has to take into account that Ivan’s family are very, very traditional and they follow the customs and traditions of 19th Century imperial Russia. As soon as she arrives on the estate of her betrothed, she senses that her future in-laws are not really familiar with Femen or Pussy Riot and only see her as eye-candy. But Nastya is prepared to go all the way for Ivan, even if it means undergoing an obscure ceremony dating from the dark ages of Christianity. She doesn’t suspect that the true origins of the Slavic ritual she’s about to undergo, are a lot darker. It goes back to an occult belief where signing eyes on the eye-lids of the deceased will facilitate the transfer from the dead to the land of the living. We’re still catching our breath after seeing Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy’s Queen of Spades: the Dark Rite at last year’s BIFFF, and he’s already back with another picture. He who is called the Russian Wes Craven by some, tackles a theme that’s normally more suited to comedy: marriage. He transforms it into a feast of sadistic rituals, possessions, ghosts and the living dead. More than enough to remain single for the rest of your life!

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