They are five, they are young, they are beautiful and they are strong. But they are primarily perfect stereotypes for a horror film. Consider this: the athlete with a jaw as square as a drawer, the blonde who is always looking for a neuron to keep her other one company, the token Afro-American who’s tired of getting butchered first, the comical virgin beauty ( but only from the inside ). In short, everything you haven’t seen before. And of course, they go on a weekend trip to a remote cabin. It could just as easily be built on an ancient Indian burial site and marked by Satanic symbols painted with goat blood. In short, everything you’ve never seen before. Now, do you think you’ve seen this story before ? Come and see. When we say it’s going to be a completely new ballgame, we’re not kidding. Here it is, finally, just for you, one of the most anticipated movies of the year! Just as Scream came and threw a stone into the pond of sarcastic slasher movie caricatures, Cabin in the Woods is about to repeat this 15 years later. Written and produced by Joss Whedon ( The Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer ), directed by Drew Goddard ( Cloverfield ), lit by Peter Deming ( Mulholland Drive, Scream 4 ) and interpreted by, among others, Chris Hemsworth ( Star Trek, Thor ), this is the film that will turn the genre upside down and inside out.

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