The Complex

A chemical weapon hits London and suddenly all Brexit troubles seem so faaar away… Two scientists stuck in a lab might have the solution to eradicate this pandemic. Sadly though they have neither enough time nor oxygen… Who might be able to to help them? You, dear spectator! After the success of LATE SHIFT (BIFFF 2017) – which we screened twice because you guys were going wild for it! – director Paul Raschid (WHITE CHAMBER) and scriptwriter Lynn Renee Maxcy (THE HANDMAID’S TAIL) return with THE COMPLEX, one of the first ever interactive science fiction films in the world. It has no less than eight different endings in store for you and it’s up to you which one it’s going to be. Remember though: with great power comes great responsibility, so choose wisely… or not! How do you choose? Well, by screaming your lungs out! Something tells us you’re going to do alright, kiddos… So take off those mouth-masks and holler! Are you misanthropic scum deep down that just wants to see the world burn? Or is there still some good in you so that humanity might have a last glimmer of hope? And for the perverts among you: don’t worry, voting is anonymous!

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