Andreas has everything a man can wish for : a lovely wife, a nice country house and a well-paid job. Then he has an accident that not only puts him in a wheelchair and deprives him of his sexual prowess, it also results in his wife leaving him. How can he sustain his successful life and self-esteem after this ? Wagner, an older man, shows up to assist in modifying the house for the wheelchair. He helps Andreas overcome his depression and rebuilds his self-confidence. When Liv, Andreas’ wife, finally returns, she is also clearly attracted to Wagner. How strong is Liv’s loyalty to Andreas ? How can Andreas match Wagner’s masculine appeal ? Who is this guy anyway ? A dangerous game starts to unfold in the isolated country house, and as dark secrets from the past surface, it becomes a game of life and death. Norwegian director Martin Asphaug (Silvermouth, A Handful of Time) constructs a deadly and darkly funny triangle of attraction and deceit in The Crossing. With Trond Fausa Aurvag (Junk Mail, Bloody Angels) as the unfortunate Andreas, Stine Varvin (Hotel Oslo) as Line and Svante Martin (A Matter of Life and Death, Beyond Enemy Lines) as the charismatic Wagner.

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