Do you know the principle of home exchanges between individuals for holidays? It’s supposed to be amazing. You can travel all over the world and not pay a cent to lay your head to rest. That’s exactly what Marc and Anna need. They’re all for a completely different kind of holiday this year. Something original and above all quiet, because Anna is about to give birth. They decide to stay in the cozy lil’ nest of Hans and Olga, a genteel German retured couple And they’ve hit the jackpot: an idyllic villa in the middle of the Black Forest, full of high-tech gadgetry, an outdoor pool and German beer by the gallons. At the same time, our genteel Germans discover the couple’s Barcelona flat, which is cute, charming… and ready to be ransacked from top to bottom! Bookcases, cutlery, bedding, everything has to go in very typically Teutonic turmoil fashion. In the pastoral Schwarzwald our little lovebirds are enjoying their vacation in ignorant bliss. They wanted a different kind of vacation? Well, they’re getting exactly what they bargained for… Mar Targarona, member of our international jury at the BIFFF 2017, does not only produce amazing Spanish genre features such as THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA’S EYES. She also directs diabolically twisted supernatural thrillers. THE CUCKOO’S CURSE refers to the bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. Do you get the metaphor? No? Great, than just wait and see what this ‘curse’ is exactly about…

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